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Jonas Carlberg
Founder / Creative

E: jonas@ject.se
T: +46 709 632 701


Therese Carlberg
Partner / Project Manager

E: therese@ject.se
T: +46 702 498 373




Visual Identity

Need a new look, or maybe just an update? Starting with design concepts, logotype crafting, picking the right colours, choosing perfect typography, images, graphics, illustrations, motion graphics. This will be tested on various applications that fit your needs. Digital or analogue.


Quick and agile film productions, optimized for social media. Interviews, mood films, motion graphics, infographics & commercials.

Web design

Visual identity adapted in one of the online based platforms. Squarespace is a favourite.


Process example

First we have a meeting, discussing the task at hand, figuring out how the look & feel should be.

1. Idea phase

This phase varies depending on the scope of the project. but usually 2-3 routes is developed with different tonalities and design ideas.

2. Idea presentation

After reviewing the different routes, we together pick the favourite one to continue with, either by choosing one of the routes, or combining some of the good stuff from the other routes.

3. Developed presentation

Tweaks and feedback input is developed into the final presentation, making sure you are happy with the result.

4. Delivery

The final delivery of the work. All neatly organised. The result can be a logo, a film, a pdf, or a full visual identity program with multiple assets.



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